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We are currently concluding a substantial number of sale and leasebacks in the commercial property sector. In this difficult time of raising capital it is proving to be a very successful and creative way of:

  • Creating cash flow for practitioners
  • You may be looking to raise equity to expand the surgery or to buy equipment
  • You may be looking to buy out retiring partners
  • We would happily consider very long leases of up to 25 years should you so require
  • All terms would be negotiable and we would be able to tailor make the sale & leaseback terms to suit your requirements.

We are looking to buy commercial medical properties on a Nationwide basis and would greatly appreciate the opportunity to speak to somebody regarding this matter.


The Hacking Trust are specialists in 
purchasing companies with residential
and commercial property assets.

Speak to Mark Dyer at the Hacking Trust


The Hacking Trust is the trading name of The Hacking Partnership Plc.

We are specialists in purchasing residential and commercial properties.

We will acquire the property either via a straight-forward property acquisition  or via acquiring  the legal entity that owns the property (i.e a corporate  acquisition). All acquisitions are purchased by SPV companies.

For a more detailed overview, speak to Mark Dyer on 020 7228 7315 today.

Speak to Mark Dyer at the Hacking Trust


The Hacking Trust is the owner of a substantial portfolio of residential investment properties both rack-rented (sitting tenanted / regulated) and open market (assured shorthold tenancies) as well as a large number of commercial properties.

We are continually looking to expand our portfolio and are progressively seeking suitable properties.

Speak to Mark Dyer at the Hacking Trust


In the last few years the trust has also evolved to become specialists in corporate acquisitions globally. We have become adept in streamlining what is a normally complicated process, having assembled our team of professionals, including lawyers, accountants and bankers to assist in the acquisition procedure. In the last few years we have concluded transactions in excess of £80 million.

Once we have agreement we are generally able to proceed to exchange of contracts or a Share Purchase Agreement within days of agreeing terms.


Deval Patel, Gerald Edelman “Chartered Accountants”

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The Hacking Trust offers bespoke solutions to corporate and company acquisitions.

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Mr David Orchard of Reigate

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They purchase shares in private limited companies where there is no secondary market. I was part of a family run business with no exit route and I was able to sell my shares without having to consult any of the other shareholders. An Innovative and helpful approach that certainly ended my involvement in a long standing family dispute.

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Mr Peter Gould of Altrincham

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They held my hand from start to finish and assisted me in achieving maximum value for the assets within the family business that my sisters and I had inherited.

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Mr Michael Hudson of Falmouth, Cornwall

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A proactive positive approach to assisting me with my retirement solution.


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We can be reached at the following:

Please contact either Charlotte Earl
or Renee Pearl:

The Hacking Trust, UK Head Office
34 Oyster Wharf, 18 Lombard Road
London, SW11 3RJ

Freephone: 0800 783 9026
Telephone: 020 7228 7315
24 Hour: 07810 550 990
Facsimile: 020 7228 2975
Email: enquiries@thehackingtrust.com

The office hours are 9.00 am to 7.00 pm, Monday to Friday.

If you have a commercial or residential interest that you’re looking to sell contact us today for a truly professional, confidential service.

Please contact me to arrange an initial consultation:

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